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Meet the Pentabomb

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I've been steadily working on Asplode! every night that I can and, at the moment, I'm currently working on gameplay that doesn't translate well into screenshots. I have yet to ever actually finish a game so, on Sunday, when I was expecting to move on to coding the particle and luminosity effects I took a moment to realize that, if I have never finished a game before, I probably screwed up by coding something unnecessary too early on. Upon hitting this mental revelation I figured that, instead of working on what I was expecting to work on, I'd do a complete roadmap turnaround and work on some gameplay components before coding up the prettification stuff. So, now, my goal for Sunday is to have a roughly playable build of the game up and running -- I figure this will encompass having the player's ship movable (completed), shooting bullets (not completed), having a single enemy in (quarter-completed), the basic arena borders functional and visible (about a fifteen minute process to code), and bullets being capable of killing said enemy. Once all this is in I'll either work on adding another enemy type or some graphical component.

With all this said, meet the Pentabomb:

The introduction of the pentabomb in the game made me realize two things: that I'm capable of thinking of at least one way to make the name of the game and the gameplay actually related (not that it was hard, given the name of the game) and that I may need to tweak the edge geometry generation procedure. For the moment, though, let's just talk Pentabombs.

The pentabomb, as an enemy, is most likely going to be simplest of Asplode!'s entities. It's creation will be random and fairly common and it will travel at a near-constant velocity in a straight line until it can travel that trajectory no longer and must travel a new straight line until it meets its timely demise. The base score for killing a pentabomb will be low, since it takes as much effort to kill as it does a paralyzed fish when you're armed with harpoons with miniature nuclear bombs at their tips. The usefulness of the pentabomb, though, is that it will be the primary gateway into Asplosion Chains which will be the quickest way to net points in the game. Whenever a pentabomb is destroyed, it will set off a unique explosion that will set off subsequent explosions in nearby enemies which will, so long as a pentabombs initiated the chain, set off explosions of their own to continue the combo chain.

From a gameplay standpoint, the idea is that the player may not always want to blast the potentially numerous and annoying pentabombs until certain moments in the game when there is a potential for not only a large enemy asplosion chain but, also, a chain consisting of numerous pentabombs to increase the score multiplier of the entire chain. Whether any of this will translate into actual "fun" gameplay has yet to be seen, but it seems like a decent way to make even a basic, primarily harmless (unless the player runs into it) enemy an asset to the player.

In other news, both Burnout Paradise and Cloverfield are totally rad.
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I have played it, indeed, and I enjoy it. It's a game I keep in mind as far as the audiovisual presentation is concerned but the gameplay of E4 isn't really an influence that I keep in mind.

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