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How many Gooballls does it take to make an RPG?

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First, an image:

and what is this? looks like an MS Access relationship chart for tables. I was thinking about RPGs, and trying to come up with tables in MS Access to contain information about a series of interconnected areas. The above picture is what I was up to before I decided it was getting way too large.

So, shortly after looking at this picture and deciding that a project like this was pretty much doomed from the get go, I scrapped it (total number of hours working on it... maybe three).

I still would like to make some sort of simple RPG (I know they can be made, I just know it), but the free flowing feature creep monster I just cannot do.

Time to simplify. I looked around the internet, and found a page dedicated to an old board game I used to play: Hero Quest. So, I downloaded a the scans of the original rules, quests, etc.

Hero Quest is a good starting point for anyone who would make an RPG or RPG like game. To be sure, it is a gooball, but the basic game is about as small a gooball as you can get.
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I once had a real-life database just like that. Many-to-Many relationships all over the place and updating data was a pain.

HeroQuest was probably my all-time favourite boardgame. The way the board actually came with blank maps and quest sheets was genius. I spent days crafting quests, only to find out there were never enough skeletons to go around. Bah.

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Hero Quest was an amazing board game. I used to play that and Space Hulk too much... Space Hulk was shamelessly butchered in video game form.

It's like that new Dawn Of War. Technology is at the stage where they can implement a fully 3D real-time-strategy and make it look great. Problem is, it needs a turn-based option for those of us who were in to Games Workshop *before* they starting throwing licenses around. It's all about tactics, you see :D

*dreams of XCOM: Apocalypse*

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