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Format, format, format

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My renderer now has support for uncompressed DDS texture files in format A8R8G8B8, X8R8G8B8, R8G8B8 and R5G6B5. They are actually quite simple to load and then utilise with the IDirect3DTexture9 interface.

My problem now is finding a suitable mesh format. I don't like how .3DS lacks precomputed normal data. I am very familiar with .X and need something that contains bone data... I also want material structures to contain mutliple textures such as detail map, bump map etc... I am thinking of writing an X loader and converter to a custom file format.

I am still surprised I can't find a format already out that I am happy with though. I have looked at .OBJ, .3DS, .MD3, .X
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agreed ! Which format to use ? I wish I knew, I think the best is to close your eyes and pick, then stick with it.

I must still give you the list of my books :) Most of your books I have, with a few exceptions I would like to have. My list is not as comprehensive though :) I will give em to ya tomorrow.

Good luck.

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