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MVP Summit

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So the MVP Summit registration page went live on Monday at some point - bit of a surprise as I got notification on Tuesday ([rolleyes])...

Anyway, got myself registered and booked in at the Sheraton on 6th for Sunday to Saturday. or maybe Saturday to Friday. I forget.

From the look of the event outline it should be a good one - we've got 2 whole days with the product groups (the DX/XNA team in my case) with some very interesting forward-looking content. Sadly I don't think I can talk about them, but a lot of the time these sorts of things pop-up again in similar form at GameFest/GDC.

Now the next problem is to work out how the hell I find ~GBP850 to get myself out there. April is fast becoming the perfect storm with this trip, moving house and another secret project all potentially doing a hit-and-run on my bank account [headshake]
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I've booked the Sheraton as well, since it's supposedly the closest one.

I'll only be there for Sunday-Wednesday, and will have to leave early Thursday (Passover starts on Friday, so I need to land before the holiday starts). Boo for missing the Balmer talk.

See you there!

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Sirob - you can join myself and Ralf then. The others are just around the corner in the Hyatt. It's close enough to the WSCC that you could almost fall out of your room and land in a seat for the talks [grin]

Hmmmm. Secret projects....

so I'll finally get to see Mr. DirectX Robot face to face
Depends what you mean by "see" - I exist on another dimensional plane of pure 1's and 0's forming an index of the entire MSDN library...


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