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Sleep Deprivation

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I found an interesting article on how to stay awake. Many of these are obvious, but if you're looking for other techniques this is a good start:


On the last step #14 when it speaks of "commando" I first thought they meant going commando, as in wearing no underwear...which if you think about it could work if you wear uncomfortable pants.

I setup the project for the Linux portion of the framework in Eclipse as well as configured the SVN repository.

Ideally the Linux and Windows builds should both be compiled from identical source files using #ifdef linux, etc where needed but configuring Eclipse to work with the DX SDK on Windows would take too long(which is a shame) because I really enjoy Eclipse. Hmm, I guess since the SVN is running I can use it to store the project settings for both Eclipse and VS while still using the same source files. I believe that's sufficient. Anyone have a more efficient setup? This is as painless as I think I can get it.

Right now I'm using Ubuntu with a dual-monitor configuration, my left monitor is mainly occupied by a VNC to my other computer which is running Windows and has VS2005 installed.

Here's a screenshot of my workspace:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I changed my avatar as well, I don't know what it is...I slapped it together in GIMP but I thought it looked cool.
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