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Argh! All the tweaking I did to get the Manta flight model working? Wasted.
Turns out that the Newton physics has quite a large default damping factor which has been affecting the calculations in the aerodynamics model. I thought it was proving a bit hard to tune - basically the drag calcs were getting swamped by the damping, and now the Manta flies like a squashed banana.
Ah well, should be easier to tweak and more stable this time round, with things actually working as expected :)
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Arf! Some of my earlier 3dMax models would have sufficed for that :)
Hey good work on the Ex... err 'Nameless' release Stu_C! - you guys actually get things finished & released ;) Almost embarked on a remake of Exile a long time ago...

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Thanks, was a big project (not quite as long as CC tho !). Pity we couldn't keep the name.

Interestingly check this link out (press news - Elite) http://www.inventivity.co.uk/

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