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Shoulda called in sick

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Down with the Sickness

My throat has been a veritable river of phlegmy pain, so I've mostly been moping and playing Jagged Alliance 2, which, though not an indie game, I did buy through Manifesto Games, which is nominally a source of indie games. What can I say, I have a soft spot for socialist kitsch. ...even if it is painfully ironic when used in the service of entrepreneurialism, or something. You know what I mean.

Point being, I've been taking some "sick days". So deal!

Pyglet and OpenGL

Use of Pyglet allows (requires?) occasional access to the low-level OpenGL commands we all know and love to do certain things (though one could get away with using the Pyglet blit for a while, I imagine). Rotation, for instance, which is what I've been concerned with. But I pretty well know how to do that .. and have access to code to steal learn from which already does it; The trick is implementing image handing and rendering into the previously mentioned component design.

So I find myself making an ImageCache again, treading some familiar ground in some slightly less familiar ways. It'll take a few iterations before it really makes sense, I think (but maybe that's because I'm not thinking straight due to my sinuses being annoying).

Obligatory dcosborn reference

I realize now that I haven't mentioned dcosborn yet, which I must do in every post. In short: I learned much from working with him, and I am still understanding tricks he used in the code of our shared projects. Just in the last week I realized how he was handling some file reading in just a few clever lines while I made up my own rather awkward format for use in IsoStrat which required some hundred lines of code to read in (and god help me if I wanted to read them out). At least I know now and all that effort on IsoStrat forced myself to learn all kinds of string manipulation.

I almost used lambda the other day, too, but thought better of it.

Joining the 21st Century

Oh yeah, re-installed my OS. Now on XP. As Laura said, "Welcome to the 21st century." The new Photoshop (CS3?) isn't bad either. They finally made the toolbar one column.
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