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So, I'm working on codename: Oort with David. We're using Python, because... I dunno. Dave likes it? It also seems to work well with our decision to try out "component-based design", which you can read about over at his journal. Sometimes Python is annoying but I WILL PERSEVERE

Even though it's just the two of us, we want to use some kind of revision control system, so I was looking into Monotone and got it working, basically. For some reason it doesn't recursively scan directories when adding files, like it says it does... but I'll figure it out. It might end up being more of a pain than it's worth, though.

Um... I'm kind of grumpy, so I'll leave it at that.

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An update?! [wow] If you're after distributed version control, you could also try Git (apparantly its slow on Windows). Although, given that there are only two of you and you live together... I second the recommendation for Subversion, although you surely must have used it before with David. What's your reason for considering monotone?

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I've used Subversion, yeah, but I thought you had to host it on Apache, which I didn't want to deal with... but maybe I was wrong about that. I hate trying to get this stuff working, blarrrrrgh! (I'm still in my bad mood, lol)

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Perforce. Free for 2 users, extremely simple to set up and get running (One windows installer for the server, one for each client), and generally awesome. That's what I use for my own projects, and also what we use at work.

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