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Replies and SVN

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So, first off thanks to everyone for the replies to the last entry [smile]

One does warrent a reply;
Original post by ukdm
Is Zoe Mode's standard day 10am - 6:30pm or do they have a bit of flex so you can get in at 9 and work till 5:30 if you want? Most place I have worked offer a bit of a choice, some even let you go earlier on a Friday, which is something everyone should do in my opinion unless it's milestone week.

The standard day just requires that you are in office bewtween 10am and 4pm, either side of that you can come in earlier or go home later. So, get in at 9am and you can leave at 5:30pm; the basic idea is you do 7.5h days and your 37.5h a week.

I don't know about leaving early on a friday, this week was a milestone week so alot of people were in until 6pm at least and a few until close to 6:30pm.. I accidently ended up staying until 6:30pm and was last out the door with Adam, who was also relatively new, which required us to wander aroudn the building to find out how to lock up, heh... fortunately he had a key to do just that... I should probably ask about that next week incase I end up there on my own one night [oh]


As I mentioned a few entries back I was looking for an SVN host on the interwebs. In the end I settled for CVSDude with my reasoning being two fold;
1) I cba to look at other place and the price/features seemed decent enough
2) If it's good enough for the BBC it's good enough for me [grin]

I've currently got 3 repos on there with anonymous access enabled for downloading;
Bonsai - http://phantomsoftware-svn.cvsdude.com/bonsai
GTL3 - http://phantomsoftware-svn.cvsdude.com/gametextureloader3
TLM on GPU via OpenGL - http://phantomsoftware-svn.cvsdude.com/ogltlmgpu

You can also browse the repos via WebSVN.

Bugzilla is also on the account, but given my team size of one right now I'm not that bothered about using it, plus I'll probably end up using FogBugz instead as it can intergate with their SVN to autoclose tickets and bugs... but that can wait.

Other projects will appear as and when I start/upload them [grin]
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Having 10-4 as a core day working hours sounds excellent. There are so many times when I could do with getting in late or leaving early and end up booking half a day off work. I wish more companies were that flexible.

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Flexitime is great - a job would have to be very compelling in other areas for me to accept it if it didn't have flexitime [grin]

My employer gives me a laptop and a mobile so within reason I can work from wherever I want and whenever I want. I just have to be contactable if people need me and ensure I don't miss deadlines.

Rob, which of the 4 CVSDude packages did you go for? Developer or Team I assume?

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