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Torque meter

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Doing a bit of small work here and there to clean off the remaining bugs list for Novarunner.

One thing I noted is that the "impulse thruster" totally didn't work out, for the player or the AI. So it's still in there, but it's not accessible from the front-end. I'll give instructions for enabling it from the console, but it's not going to be supported.

The second bit is that I tightened up targeting and scales again, so now you can get rushed by Pirate Dreadnoughts that are about four times the size of your ship. Luckily, that just makes them easier to shoot.

I'm gonna start getting the meshes together from the various contributions and then bolt them into the game so it might actually look playable soon. Then it's off to the races for Afterglow, now that I finished off most of its geometry editing and have picked up a copy of Alien Syndrome to figure out what not to do.
It's cold outside, baby.
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Original post by dcosborn
Its quite windy too. And about time; this is what winter is supposed to be like.

Amen to that. I guess I'm the only one that doesn't mind a wind chill of -43 while walking to school...

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