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What is Wootanga?

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Okay you can stop holding your breath. I'm about to reveal what Wootanga is.

But first, what Wootanga isn't: Wootanga isn't strictly a game. It's a social network, like Tribe.net, or Orkut or even Ecademy. We're currently calling it a Fantasy Social Network. It's an online social network that takes elements from multiplayer online games such as Everquest and Ultima Online.

Wootanga is actually a planet from another dimension on which live a sentient species know as Wootangians. They're cute, four-armed, orange and monkey-like in appearance. In terms of it being a game, users can create characters (personalising their avatars hairstyle, clothing, accessories and personal statistics). The user can then improve their character by "playing" Wootanga - commonly know as "levelling up".

To level up a user can chat, post on forums and generally interact the way they would on any social network. The higher the quality and the quantity of the chatting and posting, the faster a user will increase in level. Levelling up can also occur through playing chat games, mini-games (multiplayer and solo) and quests.

The user also creates a profile that's attached to the avatar; this profile can be as anonymous or as detailed as they like by choosing what information they reveal and to whom. As users progress through the game they gain customisable features for their profile. The higher their level, the more customisable their profile becomes.

Other features include creating/joining communities, creating/joining houses (guilds), win trophies and gain titles and fame, explore Wootanga, find virtual items that can also improve the Wootangian experience - faster levelling, better statistics, buy virtual goods - new clothes and accessories for your avatar; buy real goods - wootangian merchandise: t-shirts, wootangian plush teddies, etc - and lots lots more.

It will be accessible through any device with Internet access with an aim to produce mobile content/games late next year including location-based gaming/social networking.

We also have a number of unique social networking technologies making it a more pleasant experience, an example being a self-modifying buddy list that removes and adds friends for you (but it does have manual control of course - so you can add and remove your friends yourself).

Although joining and playing Wootanga is free, it's also possible to subscribe to gain premium features - more customisation, free credits, etc.

If any of this sounds interesting to you or you think you might be interested in beta-testing, sign up at http://www.wootanga.co.uk.

Wootanga - Play Life, Live The Game(TM)
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