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I'm doing a bit of work in preparation for pushing out something resembling a beta Windows version soon.

I want to try and tie down a lot of the loose-roaming issues with content, so I went kind of nuts and added a bunch of commodity items, a new class of NPC (merchants) and updated the readme file for beta users.

We're rapidly approaching the point where I decide whether to make the game a storied experience or just throw my hands up and get grinding on Afterglow. The prototype for that is already very awesome, and I should have screenshots within the month if I pick the latter option and start winding down on Novarunner. If I pick the former, it could be several months' worth of retooling for a game I still think is fundamentally broken. Ah, the tyranny of choice.

Beta probably tomorrow night, unless the first tester notices missing files/broken stuff from the port.
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