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Need more power

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You know your computer is having a hard time when there is a delay of seconds between typing on the keyboard and seeing it drawn on the screen. And Windows Media Player keeps stuttering and pausing. And it takes 30+ seconds to switch tabs in IE7. And even longer to switch between applications. So far its taken almost an hour for the DXSDK to uninstall and then begin reinstalling.

This is my current "user experience" for Windows Vista, and it's been like this on-and-off for quite a while now. Something about the OS is killing my HDD. Permanently. I know the raw compute power is fine and its simply stalling because it can't stream/load data from the disk fast enough.

The problem is I haven't a clue what its trying to read/write nor why.

I currently consider unresponsive software to be completely and totally unacceptable, so you can imagine my general fury directed at this machine for being so unusably slow. I have virtual machines running on cheap crappy USB portable disks that have better response times than this machine.

Given that I waste 3.5hrs every work day getting to/from work I get even more furious when what little time I have in the evening is completely wasted due to my machine not being able to perform even the most basic of tasks in anything less than minutes.

So much to my getting to play with the GPU-based compression stuff in D3D10.1. I thought that'd be a reasonable unit of work for the 1.5hrs I had free, but I was obviously being way too optimistic [flaming]
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NTFS sucks :\.

I've toyed around with Vista but I've never really sat down and used it for a long period of time, it is experience stories similar to yours that keeps me clear of it.

It's a bummer that you have no alternatives since your DX work requires you to use Vista. I have a dual-boot setup, Ubuntu and Windows.

I hope you get your system sorted out.

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I know this is going to be the last thing you may want to hear, but wait till SP1.

They have tons of fixes going out that help with disk performance & reliability... Though the scenario's it fixes don't sound extreme as yours!

Maybe old HDD or something?

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Well I've been using Vista in some form or another since late 2005 and this is the first major problem I've had with it. Putting my sane and rational hat on suggests this is the exception rather than the norm...

It only really went downhill a month or two back - the same machine was running Vista just fine for over a year prior to that.

As for SP1 - I installed that a week or so back [grin] Problems existed before and after, so I don't think its related nor is a solution.

Maybe old HDD or something?
I'm wondering if thats the case now. Problem is that I have no money spare to buy any new disk(s) [headshake]

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A dying hard drive is probably the reason; I had one in my machine which would cause lock ups every now and then, even when I wasn't using it, sometimes for up to 20seconds in a game of TF2.

Once I disconnected the offending drive everything went back to sanity.. which was mildly annoying at best [sad]

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This is a rant. You have been warned.

Your problem sounds extreme. However, I consider Vista to be a bloated failure, and actually recommend people interested in efficient operation to use XP. Or Ubuntu Linux, if they're not gamers or Windows developers. Yesterday, I re-installed XP on both of my work machines, and I'll be doing the same to my laptop as well.

The fact is, Vista's slow. The GUI, the programs, everything. Opening the control panel on my quad-core 2.4 GHz per-core, 2 GB RAM machine, I can still see it fill the items in front of me. Navigating my HD suffers from the same problem. Opening new windows/applications takes time. Installations are slow; Visual Studio 2008 took 3+ hours to install on Vista.

I have a test machine, and it's old. It's 3 GHz P4 with 512 MB of RAM. Vista was killing it. Not enough memory. Ironic, really, that a whopping five freaking hundred and twelve megabytes aren't enough for an OS, which is supposed to be as invisible as possible. So I installed XP on it, and I was shocked. It flew compared to the main workhorse machine. Everything opened instantly. Visual Studio 2008 installed in less than an hour. It took 35 minutes to build the project, compared to 25 on the Vista one.

So I installed XP on my main work machine, and dear God, it's a world of difference. It's like, when you're switching from XP to Vista, you notice the speed difference but subconsiously diss it as something you're going to get used to, and indeed you do. You forget how things used to run. Smoothly. I can build the project in 13 minutes now, compared to 25. Build time halved. Visual Studio 2008 installed in about 30 minutes. Memory usage--with several applications and VS instances--rarely crosses the 1 GB boundary. Back on Vista, I constantly thrashed when I had multiple applications open. Even internet explorer tabs open faster. That's what I call an OS upgrade.

And it wouldn't be as bad as it were if some essential Vista features actually worked. I won't talk much about UAC, since I had that turned off already. It sucks, basically, and I wish Microsoft would take a look at sudo. Search was touted as a great Vista feature. It's great, except it's broken. If you're searching an indexed location, and the index isn't up to date, you don't get your results. You're not told that the index isn't up to date. So how do we do an exhaustive search? By clicking on Advanced Search, getting the Search Pane, re-entering search information, and checking a checkbox. Not cool.

And finally, compatibility. Games are slower. Hardware drivers sometimes don't exist. I had a hard time buying a scanner that worked with Vista, and wouldn't burn a hole in my wallet. SP1 doesn't solve anything. I tried it.

I'll wait for Windows 7, thank you very much.

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if you are wasting a lot of time traveling to work every day, consider buying PDA. i bought ipaq 114 last week and now i don`t mind waiting anywhere at all. i just turn on my pda and begin reading. it also very useful for useless booring school lessons.

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Go Muhammad!

Maybe you're a bit late for Windows 7, but I expect you to be working on Windows 8 and for it to be a kick-ass release [cool]

if you are wasting a lot of time traveling to work every day, consider buying PDA
Look a few journals back - I got a Creative Zen MP4/Video player. I watch Channel9 videos on the train...

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