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Cold day diary

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In a strange twist of fate, I'm going to write about my day in this spot. I know you are all sick and tired of seeing people write about themselves, so I'll be brief.

Those of you in the know know that today was probably about -40'C with windchill. Despite what dcosborn says, today was not a good day.

It all starts in my driveway, resting place of my Cavalier. Today, my key wouldn't fit in my ignition. Why? Because the key was too hot from me holding it in my hand, and expanded. This should give you a pretty good idea of what's going on. I wisely decided that pushing the car further would result in cracking the block, as I had forgotten to plug the block heater in the night before.

So I took the bus.

The bus didn't come.

So I got a ride.

So I got on the train, which was pretty packed. Yeah, alright. Get to the downtown station to switch my train.

...30 minutes...

The wrong train appears, announces it is out of service, and dumps 70-odd passengers onto the platform. My fellow commuters begin using several expletives and physically assault the train. I decide, upon further reflection, to flee.

So I got on another bus, that would bring me closer to the office. Did it ever -- I don't think he dropped below 90km/h (55mph) the entire time, through icy streets and tight turns.

I finally stumbled off this bus, and walked to the office. Victory!

How I got home is of no consequence. I'm staying home tomorrow. [crying]
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Heh, that reminds me of the morning that I was waiting for the bus. There had to be a croud of at least 30 people waiting at the same stop, all trying to get downtown. All the buses that were going past (to downtown) were full, and the regular buses that normally come weren't coming. After waiting a half hour, I ran home and hopped on my bike and made it to work and was maybe 10-15 minutes late.

Gotta love public transportation...

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