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Big bleh

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God. Writing Direct3D GUI systems sucks. Think this is dead in the water. It's working and everything, but I just know already that this library will be pissing me off long before its finished, then in the unlikely event that it gets finished, will gather dust on my harddrive until eventual deletion.

So sod it. Giving up on this idea.

Work is still stressfull, I still don't have a permanent contract and now I have a large painful lump growing out of my armpit that I have to wait a month before the doctor can slice me open and remove.

Perhaps might start a 3D project. I keep trying to motivate myself to work through some Blender tutorials, but I guess I could make a pretty cool 3D game with cubes and stuff in the meantime.

Or maybe bring back Udo, but with polygon-based levels. That might be worth a bash. Sort of like N but with huge scrolling levels and colorful graphics.
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A 2D game with 3D graphics? Drawing 3d graphics is hard enough, with 3d game programming on top of that (I mean, stuff actually moving in 3d, game mechanics and all) it's a harsh transition.

Besides, almost-3d games look awesome :)
Anyone here remembers this?

(Little Big Adventure/Twinsen's adventure)

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