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Help! I'm trapped in the body of a toolsmith!

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Dammit! I had a witty post with all kinds of image and hyperlinks going, and IE 64 just crashed on me again. It tends to do that a lot. Blech!

Anyway, I was trying to texture some terrain to make something happen with the C4 engine I've had a copy of forever, and tried the Insane Terrain Texture Generator, but it crashed on Vista. Blech!

So i started writing my own. As good a reason as any to check out Visual Studio 2008 and .NET framework 3.5 that's been laying around.
OK, so installing those took forever, and I had to use a registry cleaner and separate download of the 3.5 framework just to be able to install Visual Studio Pro. Blech!

Anyway, yet another week-end wasted on hacking on tools instead of making stuff. I should probably just attempt to make Generic Sci-Fi Shooter #8624 so I can actually build something complete. Just to feel what it feels like. That'd be good!
But boring.
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lol - I installed VS2008 on my new Vista laptop, which succeeded in rendering Vista unbootable + an hour of disk thrashing as it restored a working system checkpoint. Nice :(

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