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Downloaded the Culdcept Saga demo for the 360. This game can best be described as Monopoly meets Magic: The Gathering, they fall in love, and this is the offspring of their consumated relationship. It can also be described as the slightly dumbed down version of what I'm trying to make. And I liked it, so it gives me hope for my own endeavor. The combat is a bit simplistic and the inability to look at your card text during battles, etc is annoying at times. I'll be buying the full version on Tuesday but unfortunately I already know that 500 cards won't keep me entertained for long. It's a great game to play through and see what does and doesn't work for my own research though. Not to mention it's helping to point out what should be in my tutorial.

Coding-wise, changed some things on the backend so menus work now. Created a "deck" that can be shuffled, drawn from, etc. Began implementing some more functionality in the back to help out with AI stuff. Yes, after playing the demo I realized that I will HAVE to have a single-player version for my own demo. Shouldn't be too hard (famous last words) for the demo since I'll already know what's in the demo decks and can code the few behaviors I'll need specific to those resources.

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500 cards won't keep you interested for long? Maybe I'm being a kill-joy, but won't it be even more difficult creating more than 500 cards for your game than creating the engine & other stuff?

I mean, there's concept design, artwork, not to mention the insane amount of balancing (and playtesting) that has to go into it so you don't get some overly powerful cards that everyone uses?

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I completely agree that creating 500 cards will require more time (testing, balancing, etc) than the engine, interface, etc. However, what I meant by that statement is that there will only ever be 500 cards as far as I know. With my game I can introduce new game mechanics and new cards at any time. I'm hoping for more player involvement in coming up with those; like the community of MTG players that make Fantasy cards that they would like to see made into real cards. The only difference being, they might actually see those made-up ones played one day if designed well.

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Hmm, that's actually a very nice background. Very cool.

And ... *looks around*, them UI graphics shore are nice!

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Ahh cool. Yeah, community involvement is a very cool thing. I reckon it'll be a more and more important aspect for games in the near future.

P.S. I second that! Your interfaces certainly look very schmick!

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

dbaumgart - Let me know if they think you want to use that background and I'll send you the image file.

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