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Prinz Eugn


So, um.... I'm a little bored right now, and I'd figure I'd talk about... stuff.

Game stuff has been slow going since school started again, mainly because Sir Sapo and I don't get to talk very often and we're both busy anyway. So nothing has really gotten pushed forward very much, although Sir Sapo tells me he is trying to revamp Lab 81/FoT enough to release it, so look out for that.

There's a couple small ideas I've had that I'd better write down before I get, and here's as good a place as any:
-HUD-type lines arranged in a broken X around the airplane that get farther away from the airplane the faster it gets, to serve as an additional indication of speed, especially when the ground isn't in view. Like-a so:

-ECM(Electronic Counter-Measures) Sites, which would create an area around them where guided weapons would lose effectiveness, and your radar would be fuzzy. Also toying with the idea of an Airplane with ECM, which would reduce the accuracy of enemy SAMs.

Mark Speaks at Length on Random Topics

Say, you know what I'm better at than Ravuya?

Halo 3.

For those less numerically inclined:

I'm the guy with the shiny stick; Ravuya is the guy with purple needles sticking out. This is, of course, to refute the ludicrous claims of Ravuya himself.

Also, you'd have to actually be a Halo fan to care much, but a friend and I actually fought guys from Bungie; it was a terrifying experience:

New0001 was also there, and both of them had Recon Armor and flaming heads.

Vaguely Game-related Helmet

I'm thinking every airplane should have it's own pimp ass helmet to go along- which realistically doesn't make sense, but that rarely stops us anyway. Here's the latest in the series:

For this one, I was going for... blue. And cool-looking.

Acronym of the Day:

Fractional Orbital Bombardment System
A system where instead of just launching nuclear weapons on sub-orbital arcs using missiles, you put them into orbit, giving you unlimited range and the ability to strike from unexpected directions, such as gaps in strategic radar coverage. Such systems are now banned by international law.

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Yeah, revamped FoT/Lab81 soon(hopefully)

And about the Ravuya incident, it's true, I was there.....

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I'll fix your trolley. Or something.

Considering that was the first game of Halo 3 online multiplayer I'd ever played, it's not that bad. I did shoot you a bunch.

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Original post by Ravuya
I'll fix your trolley. Or something.

Considering that was the first game of Halo 3 online multiplayer I'd ever played, it's not that bad. I did shoot you a bunch.

Excuses, excuses...


Nah, Sir Sapo and I review the game in the Theater, and we could tell when you pressed X and threw something random down, because you were used to Halo 2's controls. You need to get on more often.

And you will need more than bullets to defeat me- you must increase you spiritual power as well, young Canadian....

Anybody else who wants to play Halo, my gamertag is just Prinz Eugn.

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