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Oooh, another featured game

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Meltdown's the featured online game on Big Fish Games today.

I'm also a proud dad. ConFusebox was featured like a week ago, and it's been consistently the top online game for 'em. It's always at the number-two spot as the new game-of-the-day understandably gets the top billing from folks wanting to try out the new game. The new games, though, always fall below ConFusebox once they leave the top of the page. Witness that "guppy Guard Express" game that was yesterday's new game and is now in fourth place.

So that makes me happy, mainly because that means people are enjoying the games. Unfortunately I don't know how this is gonna translate into money because Big Fish doesn't have an up to the minute "check on your ad revenue" page like Mochiads or Kongregate (although Kongregate's page is down about 80% of the time). I guess I'll see when the check comes in.

So I'm gonna toot my own horn again. It's not often I can do that.

. . .okay, it's not often I can do it for a valid reason :)
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Is there actually good money in this? I wonder if I should start learning Flash before the cavalcade of sub-par stuff floods the market.

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