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Zoe Mode - Day 10

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Today was new scrum day, work was divided up and teams formed, I believe tomorrow we might well be moving desks as well, but I'll find out about that once I get in.

Logically I get to continue work on what I've already done, although this is a slight 'hmmmm' as I've pretty much done all the logic work and all that's needed is art intergration and 'tweaking' to get things right; however with a new scrum comes big news : I've got an artist to play with [grin]

However, until he (Alex) gets the art done I'm still left spinning my wheels a bit, which I'm not going to complain about too much really. I do have some tasks I'll need to do, including a new experiance for me; Pair Programming.

The idea is that myself and Brooksy are going to sit down and quickly bang out a couple of components for the GUI which are needed for the new stuff. The pair programming bit will be intresting as it'll be a basic 'back and forth' between us to get it done, at one machine.

Personally, I see a slight problem with this; we've allocated two work days for this task, however Brooksy has stuff he needs to get started and from looking at the code we already have it can probably be solved as a cut-paste-adjust run by one person (yo!) in the same amount of time.

I might well have a word with Barry, our lead, about this tomorrow, see what he says, because without anything else to work on I'm pretty much going to be sitting there going 'lalala' until Brooksy is into his code a bit. Infact, we have a scrum meeting tomorrow, I might bring it up then with Brooksy (who is our scrum master) and see what he thinks.

Anyway, yeah, the artist thing. Having written the code I figured I should go and talk with my artist just to make sure some of the assumptions I've made are sane, which they were, and as I wandered back out of the artist's room I felt this laugh inside me; as much as my bug fixing made me feel part of a team this whole having an artist thing kinda made me feel fully there.. it also helps that I get on well with Ben the designer who sits next to me, as it allows me to talk to him quickly when I need things cleared up.

10 days in; all going well...
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Write up how the pair programming went, plz [grin]

I've yet to encounter it, but it has to be the single worst idea that XP/Agile ever came up with if I understand it correctly. I hate the idea [headshake]


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We're not an agile shop, but at work when we get new people they tend to do pair programming for the first week or so. They get assigned a couple bugs, and each day a member of their team pairs up with them to help track down and fix the bug. It works well, but I can't imagine doing pair programming for any longer period of time or for any reason other than training.

Let us know how it goes!

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