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OSDev Series Tutorial 14 and 15 Updates

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OS Dev Series Tutorial 14: Basic CRT and Code Design

Yey!! Its here!!

This tutorial covers some basic groundwork of our system, and some C++ runtime (CRT) library routines, some basic debug output routines, and code design and stressing good programming practices that is required knowledge for large scale software. There is also a complete demo using NASM and MSVC++ for the system bootloader and kernel, with each of its programs (Kernel, Hardware Abstraction Layer, and CRT) as separate library projects for easier support for us using these as dynamic libraries later if we like. (Hal.dll, Crt.dll)

If you ever wondered how variable length arguments work, or even basic text output via a self developed printf() routine, this is for you... ;)

Tutorial 14: Basic CRT and Code Design
OS Development Series Base Site

OS Dev Series Tutorial 15 Plans

With all of the basic code and layout completed, it is time to get back to the details... Tutorial 15 is planned to cover:

Tutorial 15: Kernel - Errors, Exceptions, Interruptions

>Error Handling Concepts
>Exception Handling Concepts
>IRs (Interrupt Routines), ISR's (Interrupt Service Routines), IRQs (Interrupt Requests)
>Interrupt Handling Concepts
>Software Interrupts
>Hardware Interrupts
>INT n, STI, and CLI instructions, IDTR cpu register
>Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT), and LIDT instruction
>Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL): Abstracting an interrupt management interface

Weee...its going to be fun :)
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