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XNA In Windows Forms

So, anyone who's read my previous journal entries would know that one of my pet gripes with XNA was getting it to work in Windows Forms. The standard XNA Game class wants to create and manage its own windows and doesn't cooperate with controls and stuff. However, I found a nice little tutorial on how to create an XNA control that you can slot into your Windows Forms apps here. This is pretty much the "Microsoft Approved" way of doing XNA in forms and has support for device resets, windows resizing, multiple target render controls and all that junk. Joy [smile].

So I've ported my DiamondSquare code to the new project and slimmed it down a bit to be more of a component than the entire basis of a level. So now that I have XNA 2.0 working in windows forms, I'll be getting some nice heightmaps displaying in the form and start working on an interface for an editor.

Edit: Okay, got off my arse and switched to a non-Christmas avatar.
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