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Text output

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Well, for the most part, outputting text to the screen works. I'm having trouble getting it how I want it to look.

The fonts themselves are stored as TGAs and then a .dat file accompanies them which contains the proper UV for each character and takes into account the proper spacing/formatting, etc. Well, mapping the UV's with the .dat didn't work too great, I had lots of clipping problems. Screenshot for reference:

As you can see, there are some weird UV mapping issues with these characters, for one..you can see the border on the top of all of them, secondly if you take a look at the letter "i", it has stretched all the way across the quad.

I couldn't figure out a fix to this issue so instead I reverted to grabbing each character in 16x16 sections within the 256x256 TGA. That seems to work fine but the spacing isn't how I'd like it. I can probably tighten up the characters on the x and it'll be good. There's some very minor clipping issues that can be fixed but I'm relatively happy with the results.

Screenshot with Arial text:

That's all for now.
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