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Ramble On...

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Since it looks like I'm going to spend the next hour compiling (damn you, full rebuilds!), I might as well update the journal. ISO work is suspended indefinitely, as I have quite a bit of school work and work work to do. The next two assignments that require my attention are a fairly boring JPEG codec, and a fairly interesting animation project. Even though I'm not working on ISO, I'll be finishing my render component and shader architecture with the animation project, plus working on a quaternion library with interpolation and all that fun stuff. I'm actually looking forward to it.

In other school related news, abstract algebra makes my head hurt. You've got groups, fields, rings, vector spaces, algebras (including Lie algebras, Jordan algebras, division algebras), and lots of other terminology for things that to me seem really similar other than an axiom or two that separate each of them. I have trouble remembering which one is which, and what axioms I need to prove for a set to be a field vs. a ring vs. an Abelian group vs. whatever. I love the class, I just wish I could keep track of all this stuff better.

Other than school and work, I've been playing lots of TF2 lately. I know other people here play, so I've been thinking about trying to organize a GDNet match. The only problem I could see is that we'd probably have lots of people from all different time zones wanting to play. Stupid time zones.
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