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Stephen R


Got started on the rendering code for the first scene of the demo. I had to render to a surface, then blit it to the backbuffer because of some of the effects we want to use. Not that difficult but fun to do the first time. I'm sure I'll be cursing the fact that I have to do all this rubbish when I'm coding it over for the hundreth time, but its fun now.

Nothing actually on the screen apart from some blocks of primary colors. I'll be able to get to work adding actual content tomorrow as i've recieved some of the art I needed from from my artist. Should be fun.

I'm going to have have to be carefull to load everything into memory at the beginning of the demo so that the music doesn't go out of synk. I found that out the hard way today when I started getting the first scene up and running. The first in a long list of small problems i'm sure.

I've also restarted upkeep of my web-site again. The overall design is okay, but I'm going to have to redo the color scheme so it doesn't burn my eyes. Hopefully I'll be able to package up the new design by the end of the weekend and then just pump in the content.

I'm now going to watch Enforcer or something on TV. Its a Jet Li film anyway - can't be too bad.
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I'm now going to watch Enforcer or something on TV. Its a Jet Li film anyway - can't be too bad.

I watched that too! It turned out bad after all, didn't it [grin]

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