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Hello GDNetters!

First, let me say that I am *really* excited about this whole journal thing. I never had a blog or journal before so please excuse me if I write just too many crap.

Alright, so lets get this thing going!

Currently I am writing a 3D game for windows. It's kind of a table soccer game, called "Futebol de botao" ou "Futebol de mesa" here in Brazil. It's famous also in Portugal and Spain. It consists in little buttons acting like players, layered on a soccer field-like table, and a little ball or dice as the football. It's turn-based, so each player has his chance to score and such (More info about the game on Wikipedia).

I am using C# and MDX 1.1 (I know, I know, gotta use SlimDX someday) and trying to write everything from scratch.

As of now, the whole game/engine are divided like this:

- GameFramework
|---- graphics
|---- input
|---- physics

- GuiFramework

- Game
|---- "table soccer" simulation

The Game Framework provides a GameTemplate class which can be extended and has everything a game will use (input manager, device manager, fps calculator, etc).
The framework also provides an abstract SimulationTemplate class, which has two virtual methods: update and draw. So, the idea here is that every simulation (every physics, fixed timestep-based scenery) should run from the Game class with this simple interface.

Let me show you the progress so far:

As you can see, there is a simulation runnning with two awful buttons on a awful soccer table. Also there is the FPS and UPS (updates per second) counts. And on top of it, my WIP gui framework, with working windows and buttons, and a beta textbox ;)

So, as I progress on this project, I will keep you updated (assuming there's anyone reading this heheheh)

EDIT: Okay, any similarity on the window texture with ryann's Neoforce controls is NOT a coincidence. I "borrowed" his window texture without his consent while i struggle to make a new one (his window texture is so nice heheh). Anyway, sorry Ryann, I will replace as soon as I can.

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