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Glow and Greeble

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Glowy Bits

Yeah, I've been making pretty things rather than getting the navigation to actually work. Navigation doesn't make pretty screenshots! Still, the blending and such could use some adjustment, and I could get far sillier with the glow effects. This is OpenGL, there's no reason not to go completely overboard.

Anyway, instead of just dropping a Sprite state into the ship, I'm now getting the images and position of engineGlows from the components contained in the shiphull (which should perhaps be renamed shipInfo or something because it contains a hull component itself) in the ship. See here:

engTest = {
hullTest = {
'enginePoints':[ (11,9),(11,55),(5,27),(5,36) ],
'gunPoints':[ (50,15),(50,48) ],
'rayPoints':[ (35,24),(35,49) ],

'Problem is, the renderer doesn't know how to deal with this except as a unique case that I've coded it to take into account, which isn't so good. So I'm thinking there needs to be a RenderHelper state or something that will inform the renderer as to what it needs to do to get from the entity in question all the graphics and coordinates said entity needs to be rendered.

And it'll be really fun to have some particle shooters going linked to the given points to make some nice engine exhaust effects.

So to speak generally, there's a hell of a lot of work to do. I always enjoy the feeling of a blank paper to draw on in front of me, though it is intimidating.

Working on a New Portfolio

This Web 2.0 crap is giving me a hard time so I decided to just go with what I know, and what is unabashedly nerdy. Do tell me if this totally screws up your browser or has performance issues, I'm trying some slightly odd stuff with animated gifs:

Portfolio Layout Test

The inspiration is of course this. Laura called my version "Bluepiter".
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