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One more year!

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I have been very lack with my updates to gamedev, needless to say my RL has been really busy adn hectic.

I have thusfar binned most of my source code in an effort to start "new" . I also have 5 courses that i am currently following from the Game institute :

1. Game Mathematics
2. C++ 1 & 2
3. Directx 1 &2

So far the courses are great but the amount of time i need to study is more then i can spend on it right now. Work is killing :)

Hopefully I will be abvle to start posting again and more frequently. Currently I am looking for a good multithreading tutorial so I can mess around with that on my Phenom :) Again I am really sorry for the lack of updates :) But as a compensation and punishment I extended my GDNET+ to a year ;)

On the Vista side:

it took 2 mionths but all the problems are solved :)

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