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Thanks for everything

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I've been putting Novarunner on hold for triage purposes -- I've got a big piece of paper on my desk right now that's showing all the various tickets and fixes I have to make to actually release the game -- that is, after I make it fun, which might be impossible.

On the plus side, it results in a lot of nice Afterglow stuff. I might get the game shell up and running near the end of the week, although I doubt it'll do anything gorgeous. However, the level editor is coming along quite well. I can now place level polygons, which is neat.

The next thing for Afterglow is probably to get the generalized event system up and running and firing events from the gamepad to actors. This might seem easy, but there was a lot of nastiness in Novarunner when it came to routing and firing events (button tap vs. hold events, system vs. actor events, reflexive event chaining). Afterglow will try to take care of this with better primitives, and hopefully the message core of the game will live on for future projects. Pretty much none of the Novarunner code is getting recycled, which is depressing me a bit.

Game-wise, I just ordered Mass Effect and The Darkness, and I've been beating Symphony of the Night again. I forgot how easy this game was originally. I think it gets harder when I hit the massive secret.
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Hey Rav,

I tried running Glow but didn't have much luck because my ancient video card doesn't support shader technology. I'll have to give it another try when I upgrade, which hopefully won't be too far away.

I also had a question for you: What do you use to record bugs and features? I haven't found anything that I feel happy with. I don't need anything too fancy but I would like to have something other than just notepad [wink]

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Odd -- it should default to the non-shader renderpath as soon as it detects the extension is missing. I'd test it for you, but I don't have a machine that lacks pixel shader hardware. What card are you running on? What does the game do? Can you send me the logs?

As for bug tracking, I use phpBugTracker. It's not very great, so I've been looking for a replacement. The giant sheet of paper is a scribble pile of dependency trees and self-deprecating notes in the corner.

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My bad. Glow works fine, it was the Nova Runner beta that was having issues. The offending hardware is an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420.

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That makes sense. Yeah, Novarunner will just shoot itself in the head. Just one of the many, many rough edges in the game's shell.

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Hmmm... I'm playing SotN for the first time. I wonder what's the massive secret is oh god

Does it have something to do with beating it 100%, or is it something else?

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