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So I've started on the concepts for the first level. Right now, I am drawing it out on paper and deciding what and how many tiles I am going to need. After that, it's off to the drawing board ( well , pad actually ) and the scanner to get the tileset going.

Nostalgia is a very inspirational phenomenon , and as such I've been watching old 80's fantasy movies to get some ideas going :

* Labyrinth ( imo everything Jim Henson touched turned to inspired gold; Incredible character design )
* Neverending Story 1/2 ( first was classic , second was much less so )
* Willow ( absolutely great film! Has aged very well )
* Mirror Mask ( ... interesting , but not worthy of Henson's name , and a case study in how CG has robbed film of personality )
* Dark Crystal ( sublime , Henson at his most surreal )
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