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Sometimes I drive so I can be alone

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So I bought a 400GB Seagate 7200.10 SATA drive. "Great," says me, "This should work fine."

So I take apart my machine, reorganize all the disks, refold the cables, clean off all the contacts and unwire and rewire everything.

Power up, life is good. Wait, no it isn't. My SATA controller won't find the drive, and Windows refuses to detect any SATA drives while it's plugged in.

So I look around, and on the package it says "SATA/300." I vaguely remember one of my old geezer professors (am I an old geezer now?) complaining about how he had to go through hoops to get "SATA II" to work, so I wonder if this is the same thing. I immediately hit Wikipedia.

Wikipedia tells me I might need a firmware upgrade because my VIA chipset is too stupid to autonegotiate. So I go and get all the Asus upgrades and all the VIA upgrades and the like. Still won't work. In fact, it's worse.

So I go and I poke around in desperation -- turns out I need to pop a jumper on there to force it to "stupid" mode. So I go and I look around for jumpers. Nope, don't have one. Finally find one in the bottom of my drawer.

That jumper's awful big, so I have to jam it on there. Works. So I rebuild my machine for the third time tonight, power it up, and life is good. Now I have over a terabyte of disk on my desktop.

I remember when I got my first 200MB external drive and I swore up and down that I would never, ever fill up that much.

I broke my Wifi antenna's coaxial too. [crying]
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Original post by Ravuya
I remember when I got my first 200MB external drive and I swore up and down that I would never, ever fill up that much.

Unless that's back in 1993, I would think that 200MB would be rather easy to fill up [wink]

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Original post by Scet
Unless that's back in 1993
1994, actually. I'm officially old.

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I remember the family's old 486. It had a 540MB harddrive. Stupid thing came 2/3rds filled. Other than that, I don't think any family PC or my own has been over 50% filled. I've currently got a 160GB and a 320GB drive, niether of which are more than 35% full or so. I've also got a 30GB Archos music/movie player, but it is more or less copies of whats on the HDDs. It's only got maybe 5GB free...

Maybe I should be downloading more stuff... (legally, of course).

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