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Vista's performance indicators...

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Jason Z


I have no idea what is wrong with my installation of Vista (Home Premium). I have an 8600M GT video card in my laptop, and I can run DX sample programs in hardware. But if I run the windows experience rating utility, both parameters for graphics performance come up as 1.0! Because of this, I can't get Aero to work either...

I have been searching for answers, and as usual Dell won't support me because I installed a copy of Vista that I didn't buy from them. Has anyone else seen this problem before? Any clues about what to try out? The driver is installed and seems to be working fine. I would really like to know what is the hold up...
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Aren't laptop drivers/vendors notoriously bad with this sort of thing?? I'm sure I've read about hacked .INF files for Nvidia drivers that allow the standard desktop drivers to work for laptops, so could be worth having a look at those?


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Or just switch back to XP. Yes Vista is pretty and trendy but whatever. It's just terrible. Most of XP's bugs are squashed. Vista still has a long way to go.

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I got it fixed, but I'm not sure exactly what was the correcting factor. I still have the stock Dell drivers installed for the card, but I did a repair installation of Vista without wiping the drive completely and that fixed it. So it clearly wasn't the driver, but something with the installation. I am more than happy to chalk that one up to being lucky that it kind of fixed itself [grin]

I know Vista is not perfect, but it is damn nice looking! The Aero interface makes it easier on the eyes to work with. Even so, I am only dual booting with XP - I haven't given up on my old friend just yet. The reason I'm going for Vista is to do some DX10 development work, so technically it is mandatory to be running it.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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