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It's been a while

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Not a lot of news these days. When I have time, I work on the level. I finally corrected a bug in the game I detected a long time ago. I added a button in the editor to change the zoom level so you can see more of the level at a time.

I have to do the particles emitters placement in the editor so I can add them to the level to bring a bit of life in it. I still need ideas to "populate" the level with objects/structures, if you have some...

Recently, I discovered (thanks to a trailer of "Alone In The Dark") a bulgarian state television female vocal choir: "Le mystere des voix bulgares". It is really good.
Wikipedia article (see the second external link for some tracks)

The new high-speed train is here !
Futura Sciences article (in french)
BBC news article

Have a nice day !
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Yes, I am doing all the artwork myself using Gimp and Blender, it is why it takes so much time. What I find the most difficult is to have ideas.

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