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Improvements on the textbox

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I've been working on the textbox control, and now it has the following features:

- now it uses a cursor that you can move with arrow keys/home/end (in future you will be able to reposition it with the mouse);
- selecting (with the shift+arrow keys/home/end, no mouse support for now), take a look:

- the text is written inside a surface, that gets clipped to the size of the textbox:

Planned features for the textbox:
- mouse interaction;
- cursor always visible (when navigating through a text longer than the textbox size);
- cut/copy/paste stuff;

And other features added on the gui framework:
- Windows-like alignment (left, top, bottom, right, center) for controls, relative to his parent control (eg: client area of the window, screen);
- side panel control (using alignment described above), that stays hidden until the user passes the mouse on the edge of the screen;

Well, that's all for now!

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