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Zoe Mode - Day something...

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Tuesday we had a coders meeting at work, basically to touch base, discuss how things are going, what people have learnt and do a quick code review of someones work.

During the meeting I floated an idea I'd had to improve our inhouse scripting system (basically I was looking for a way to reduce my work load in C++ in the long term, probably the greatest motivator for any idea, heh); Barry, our lead coder, seemed intrested and, without anything else todo I went off and planned it out.

Once I had a plan together I ran it passed Brooksy who seemed to think it would be a good idea and he went and let Barry know about it. They both returned and we had a discussion, first of all about how I invisioned it would work (basically selling the idea) and then after a discussion how some other improvements could be made.

With the idea ok'd I set to work and got it finished this morning; Barry had a look and while happy with it we talked and decided on a little change to make it more useful. I got that done just before lunch, he took a look, ok'd it and it got merged into the code base.

After that I wrote a quick doc about the changes and the new functionality, shoved it on our inhouse wiki and emailed the code team to let them know about it.

Barry replied, to the team as a whole;
"Well done Rob. This is one of the best improvements to GPS we've had so far, everybody should get to grips with it as it can potentially simplify scripts and code quite a lot."


That should help my 1 month review next week [grin]
Not bad for someone who has only been there for 2 and a half weeks [smile]
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