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Staying on top of social networking

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Well the few days or so I spent taking another step into the social networking world. Yes, that's right I finally got a twitter account. twitter's been on the edge of my awareness ever since it debuted, I never felt the need for it but once MySpace (my first social networking app - amazingly I remain untarnished) started supporting status updates (albeit in its own usual way) I began to get hooked. Then I joined Facebook, then Plaxo Pulse started supporting status updates... yep I was slowly drawn in.

Speaking of Pulse, I created a public profile (which still needs a bit of tweaking sometime) as well as updated and synced my Outlook address book with it and sent out connection invites to all the Plaxo members I'm in touch with. I even signed up for the Plaxo Premium free trial (with a reminder to myself to cancel by the end of the month - stupid auto charges) so I could do a sync with my LinkedIn network as well as de-dupe my contacts.

I also created two more badges for above my calendar (Plaxo and twitter). I'm accruing too many now tho, and I'll have to search around for those little button-sized badges to replace them at some point.

Hellotxt for status updates!

Lifehacker, godsend that it is, pointed me towards a nifty new site hellotxt, which supports numerous social sites (except rebel MySpace of course) and lets you post status updates to all of them in one shot. I use it to update my twitter, Plaxo and Facebook status, and it works quite well, though for some reason Plaxo doesn't like to register all of my updates within a short time-span.

staying on top

I've already placed a few restrictions on myself to avoid being sucked completely into social sites. Especially with Facebook and all of its games and stuff. First off, I never let myself spend more than 5-10 minutes on any of my social sites (MySpace, Plaxo, Facebook, etc) it's in and out - check up on my buddies and move along. I refuse to join up with any games or more than a dozen groups.

There are times I set aside for performing maintenance like updates and posting up new stuff to my profiles, but for the most part I partake in a quick perusal of what my various friends are up to before moving right along.

Not only do I have to limit how I interact on social sites, I have to limit the number of sites themselves. At least, I have to limit the number of sites I partake in at any one time. I'm sure I'll slowly add on more socially-oriented sites, but only after I have other sites set up and streamlined for maintenance.


All I really wanted to do besides announce my twitter account was to let you all know about hellotxt and to say who the hell would pay $600 for 29 fonts?? And they aren't even cool fonts at that IMO. Crazy.

Right, that's all for now. Thanks again for listening to my rambling. I'm going to go mess around with my iTouch...
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