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Project started

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Now that I have finished my first version of SCXML I started with my game project. It's called "Prohibition" and it's a turned based strategy game.

Well well well... Since I don't want to develop my own 3D engine anymore (did since for at least 8 years; too much work for just 1 person), I decided to use Ogre for my project. When developing my own engine, I sometimes peeked at Ogre to see how they have solved some of the problems I had. Since I really like the engine design the step to finally use it for my projects was only logical.

Now, if there is one drawback with Ogre, it's the built in GUI support (almost non existant except for CEGUI). For me, if you have a GUI with your engine, there must be some sort of GUI editor which let's you create your dialogs etc. I tried to take a look at the CEGUI stuff but to be honest... it doesn't match my expections of an effective editor.

And then I stumbled upon Navi. It's an GUI engine that features html as gui configuration and which supports everything a webbrowser supports. That's really great. Even the API seems easy to use...

BUT... I'm working with VS2008 and I can't get Navi to work at all with my game. There are always some problems popping up concerning DLLs. I recompiled Navi and the llm thing stuff lib... but the problem seems to lie within the Gecko stuff that Navi is using.

If anyone has managed to include Navi in his own project using VS2008, please drop me a line and explain me, how to do this...

Have fun,
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