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Oh Pasta, How I Hate Thy Nature

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You may not have noticed, but I've been absent for hours at a stretch recently; it's because my connectivity is shot.

To connect to GDNet, my machine uses an 802.11b box (which is permanently on the very edge of the access point's range, and is thus affected by the wind, the weather, and the global political climate) which connects to the school network (which is held together by duct tape, chewing gum, and the mental concentration of the network admin - who has just retired), and must pass through their content-filtered gateway (so no porn smuggling... or games, or chat, or Descartes, apparently), and then out to the world at large.

So it ain't been great. Couple that with the fact that the network administrators have just blocked IM services (children's act, I'm told), and you can see why I might be a bit (a) non-present, and (b) irritated.

In any case, I'm playing around with Adventure Game Studio a bit. Something's come up that makes the concept of a very short game ("Lord Nikki's Steak Adventure") quite appealing, so I'm working with a friend to see what we can put together.

The Trackmania-clone thing has kinda halted because there's something wrong with my geomipmapping code. It's not crashing, or giving Direct3D errors, there's just... no output. D3DSpy shows that everything's going through S_OK. So, hmm. Culling's off and I've got everything in wireframe mode; as far as I know, the camera's pointed the right way too. Because I'm using a vertex shader for geomorphing, I guess the next step is to use the REF device and breakpoint in the shader, to take a look at what kinds of values are going in and out.

Still, the utility I wrote for it's nice. It'll take a heightmap, split it into individual cells, and generate high-detail and low-detail images for each mipmap level. The resultant files are a bit large - a 512x512 heightmap, split into 64x64 blocks and mipmapped down to 16x16 produces a 2mb file - but it makes loading *very* easy. You can basically read the values straight into the vertex buffer.
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