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Well I am sure glad that I went with PhysX for my physics lib. The SDK is nice to work with, and easy to setup. I have hit a wall with my car, the wheels move back on the car body when you move forward. I have no clue why, I have been at this for two weeks, and I am using SDK 2.7.3. Find help is like pulling teeth and I have no idea why, when PhysX has 10,000 registered developers... If I can get this last issue solved and add in triggers I am set for the most part.

I tore out a lot of crap from my game when I added in PhysX, and that included water, sky, for I wasn't liking the results anymore. I want to redo them to see if I can find a better solution.

I added in a resource manager now, to take care of my textures, music, sounds for now. I don't need one for my model meshes as the game will only have a few models. Once I move onto my RTS game I will need on then.

I dropped FMOD and went back to SDL_Mixer as I didn't want to pay the fee considering I am already using SDL. I haven't had any issues with sound so far.

I decided to buy Visual Studio 2008 Standard edition. I can't stand it anymore not having a debugger, the VC++ 2008 express edition doesn't have a debugger build. I got it for $250 at Amazon seems like a decent price. Should be here in a few weeks.

I am seriously considering make my game Geforce 8 series and newer only. I know this cuts out many users, but with GF8 cards cheap now $100 and tired of using old out dated code e.g. pre FBO/VBO/PBO and no texture array support, I just don't want to code two paths anymore. Plus this makes for a lot cleaner code. And this sucks, but ATI users would be out to... :( Get it together ATI.

Well until next time.
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I'm thinking of going that way also, that is leave out ATI users. Not deliberately, if it works it works. I don't feel like doing double jobs because ATI can't do theirs. This is also an economic concern; it's expensive to be an indie developer and to be forced to buy two different graphics cards for the sake of driver and API inconsistency issues. I shouldn't be glad that there only are two mayor graphics card manufacturers, but from a developing point of view I certainly am.

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"the VC++ 2008 express edition doesn't have a debugger build"

What are you talking about? VC2008 Express Edition have same debugger integrated in IDE as in Professional or SomeOtherEdition. Also build configurations are same as for other editions.

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