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Because I've not heard anything, I want to know: Who's tried out Gorgon? I know people have downloaded it and whatnot (unless sourceforge is lying to me). I'm wondering if anyone is actually using it, and if they are, what's broken? What needs improvement?

I know the design is a little... fucked up. I'll sort that out when I work on another major release (v1.1 or what have you). The reason for that is because I don't want to break the interface too much. There will be a small number of breaking changes before I remove it from beta, but I'll do my best to minimize these and warn in advance via Obsolete attributes.

And I do know another really bad area: The documentation. It's really horrid, and eventually I'll get around to making something worthwhile, but until then please try and make do, and if something needs explaining you can contact me on here or via email.

If you are using it, or think it's nasty in some way, and feel you can improve upon it, let me know. I'd welcome some help in maintaining and improving Gorgon, so if you feel you can add/fix Gorgon, please let me know and send your improvements. If they're good, then I'll give write access to the svn repository. If you can make better documentation (a 5 year old could make better docs than me), I'd especially welcome that.

So yeah, let me know what you think of it. I'm a big boy, I can take the criticism.

Please keep in mind that "it fucking sucks" won't fly with me. So, if you're going to criticise, please act like you actually have a clue and post what you might think would be better and a concise description of what's wrong.

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