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3 days later...

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3 days have (almost) passed since my last entry in my journal. What has happened ?

On the 16th I had to go to a client because we installed the companies software on Linux systems. Had to get up early (5 in the morning) to be at work at 6 o'clock. Finished day at 6 pm. Got home and fell into bed (almost)...

The 17th (yesterday) was a little bit less stressing. I worked on the NTP <-> FTP Updater. Basically it permits a time synchronized update of data and executable on PDAs through an FTP server. Finished some config code and extra handling (FTP without time synchro). Gonna test that on monday.

Today (day is not finished yet), my wife, my children and I drove to Spa, a small thermal city nearby us. There was a cloth selling in the grey room of the casino. While I sat on a chair playing with my son, my wife and my daughter went to hunt clothes. They came back with a lot of them. I suppose we can declare the hunt being successful.

Another thing we're going to do today is buying drinks and stuff for my birthday party next saturday. In fact, it's more a mixture of birthday party and master party since I'll have two teams here in house who finished and published a product in the last couple of weeks. For those who talk german, here are the links :

Dr. Electron

I've been thinking a lot about my TBS Engine. I've been thinking of the command machine and the messages it receives. For now, I've only registered callback functions where a given message is relayed to. But now, I think it's better to have a more structured design pattern than that. I decided to adopt the "Command" behavioral design pattern. You can find a good description with source code (C#) here. The "Command" design pattern will allow not only to connect a command directly with a network message (ie. Move or Attack) but also to create macros (ie. deploy unit and switch into defend mode) and undo/redo lists. I could even mimic an unit interface that would allow to "program" an unit in advance and start the "script" once it's finished doing a given task.

A more complete list of different design pattern can be found here.

This evening I'll take a look at LuaPlus which connects Lua and C++. I hope this will permit an easy integration of scripting into the TBS Engine.
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