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More Progress!

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I've been doing some more graphical work for Malathedra:

For those interested you can see a neato animation of the above if you grab the new EDIANI Animation Viewer (which removes the concept of 'costumes' for the sake of generalization) and then grab the animation. Hope you like it :D

More work on the IDE, I had a major change of heart that resulted in a few changes. The first is that I decided to abandon structured 'visual' scripting, the UI just wasn't working for me, and it was gonna be a nightmare to code with in the long run, so I reverted to using Lua as a scripting language, but due to some changes using it will be much simpler (a script for each event, rather than treating functions as events, and requiring a ton of sand boxing, blarg). The other major change was to the UI itself, I reverted to the idea of maintaining a single 'object tree' that keeps the hierarchy of game->room->actor, and uses a single property pane for setting their simple properties. Tabs are used on the right for modifying more in-depth aspects of the currently selected objects (such as scripting for the events of a particular object) obviously some panes don't apply to a particular object and so will become disabled.

also, still working on the website, i've modified the layout a lot, (including the advice of making it bigger, scalable in fact!) it's kind of bland though so I'm still working on it.

I'd love your questions and comments and rubber chicken daily market price inquiries.
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