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No matter how far from Java I run, it's always there. The phrase write once run everywhere appears to mean the following. Write once, and no matter where "I" run...it will find me because who else will fix it? (Rant over...don't ask)

Well, it's been a minute since I've looked over my code after the release of my BreakOut Clone. Which I might add has had 98 downloads and counting...and...no complaints. Honestly, I didn't even expect anyone to download it at all :)

Although, it is really cool to know that someone ran your (game) because they were genuinely interested. Oh, and that your time well spent didn't crash their system. Well, I'm hoping at least it didnt.

But now it's time to move on to bigger pastures which means moving starting the next project. A quasi killer side scroller of epic proportions. Yessir, I am trying to push the envelope this time around like never before. It is definitely going to be a challenge this time around(sarcasm).

Anyway, this is all a part of the plan (grin). Hmmm, I wonder how fast I can crank this baby out. There is already a code base to run with and all I need is time but what else is new? Not to mention, create new graphics, sounds and an actual game doc. bleh...

Stay tuned...this very well may be the start of Mario meets GTA. You never know!
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I was one of those people who downloaded your game to test it out (I've been reading your journal for a while so I was pleasantly surprised to hear this baby is out). The first time I downloaded it, it wouldn't run because the d3dx dll was missing. I didn't feel like downloading the DLL from Microsoft because it usually comes with a huge installer and it's impossible to find, and I didn't want to go to dllfiles because they are known to have bad versions. So I deleted the whole thing.

Now I decided to re-download it, and got the DLL. It works. Well done graphics and effects as well as music. I couldn't figure out how to get out of Credits screen so I closed down the program in Task Manager, but it never crashed by itself.

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Wow...that is one of the coolest replies on this journal since I started it :)

Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback and the compliments...seriously as ever little bit means a lot.

By the way, the Credit Screen times out after about 20 seconds.

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