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Switching back...

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to VS2005... yeah... sh***...

Well, after some trying and doing with VS2008 (I used it since october 2007), I had to switch back to VS2005. Not that I really wanted to do this. But I came to realize that some of the things I really want to use, won't support VS2008 for the next couple of month.

In fact, Navi, my gui of choice for Ogre, is and will not be compatible for some time with VS2008. It's less a problem of Navi itself but more a problem of the Gecko engine on which Navi relies. You can't make it work with any code you compiled with VS2008. Since I don't want to wait with the gui until end of year (or even later), I decided to switch back to VS2005.

For a job I do I had to make some research for an UML tools that fully integrates into Eclipse and which supports round-trip design, reengineering and code generation (well, round trip contains this). I tried a lot of open source stuff, some not so expensive tools and finally stumbled onto SDE for Eclipse by Visual Paradigm. After what I've experienced (in 1 day of usage) it's really great. Unfortunately, it's also quite expensive if you want to use the round trip stuff, which is only available within the professional or enterprise edition.

They also have a SDE for VS edition which fully integrates into Visual Studio... and you know what?!? It doesn't support VS2008 yet... argh... Well... another reason to switch back to VS2005. Now I can try to use the C++ <-> UML stuff in the professional package... I'm really tempted to buy that software if it's really good although it costs more than $800 (with 1 year support).

If you have any UML <-> c++ tool, that integrates into VS, then drop me a line, please :)

Have fun,
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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the class diagram under VS2005 does not support C++. This is only available under VS2008. Because some of the 3rd party libs I want to use (such as Navi for Ogre) do not support VS2008, I had to switch back to VS2005.


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