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I'm still alive and still trying to get back in.

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It's been years since I posted a journal entry, and a very long time since I did any serious game development. Life got in the way you see, I got a Job and a wife and I found myself too occupied with my Job, family and my huge back-log of video games to find time to do much else anymore.

I didn't lose interest in game development, I just didn't organize my time well enough for it. I didn't want to give it up either. Now, finding time is a little easier for me -- I got permanently laid of from work today.

I'm going on vacation this March. I probably won't start a new job until I get back. So until I get back to work, I want to complete at least one project. It would be waste of my GDnet+ renewal if I didn't have something new to showcase. :-)

I haven't decided what I'll do next, but I'm thinking continuing where I left off two years ago, or resurrecting one of the projects I started back in High School (for DOS) and port it to SDL.

So I'm still alive and still trying to get back in.
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I always like making note of the guys who go away and come back years later - shows a lot of passion. Sorry to hear about the job, but maybe you can turn it into a good thing with games.

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I was just thinking the other day I hadn't seen you around these parts in ages and ages, welcome back!

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Yes, welcome back, I remember your projects and to be honest I kind of forgot about you until I saw your journal just now. Congratulations on getting married, and good luck in your new job search, now make some games damn it! [grin]

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