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Motivation 0 - Procrastination 1

Today has really sucked for motivation. I've tried tinkering with things and just got bored far too easily. In fact, this is the story for pretty much the whole of last week. Sod's law, really - I have a week off work and plan to do so many things on Manta-X and jsInvaders and what did I do... jack.


I have been playing around with GameMonkey Script for the past few days, it's like a friendlier version of Lua with a more C++ style syntax and is worth a look if you're evaluating your scripting options. What I've been doing with GM is porting over the Curiously recursive template binding used in wxJS (and adapted for jsInvaders); it's proving quite successful in the GameMonkey environment and helps port classes over nicely.


I've been bored with coding for a few days so decided to crank out my copy of Milkshape3d and do some low-poly modelling. I drew a quick Zombie sketch from my as-yet-unnamed comic book and begun modelling him in glorious 3d. It got as far as the torso before taking a break; it's tricky work this 3d-lark. Hopefully I'll get him modelled and animated for random fun.

Type O Negative

I put "October Rust" on again, it's reconfirmed why they are one of my favourite bands. That is all.

Hopefully tomorrow the thought of impending doom on Monday (ok, work) will spur me into some coding.
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