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Me the namedropper

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Well look at who's suddenly taken an interest in me. . .

Methinks a certain presumptive presidential candidate is looking for a science advisor for his cabinet.

If that's the case, I'll take it, presuming that the job includes some decent cheap health insurance.
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"Gentlemen, I've summoned you here to discuss an object of grave national importance. I'm talking about my wang."

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Nyaah, too easy. If I'm gonna go insane when I get into the cabinet (and I absolutely will), then I'm gonna go the route of Peter Cook in "Whoops Apocalypse"

Unemployment in this country is caused by pixies. I don't mean the nice, ordinary ones that sit on toadstools playing a whistle. I'm talking about the nasty, evil, malevolent pixies, the tiny green ones with the black pointy beards that go around our factories - and we've all seen them - going around our factories casting the old wicked spells and bringing about mass redundancy to a scale not witnessed since the Great Depression.

Bad movie, but the idea of a Prime Minister giving a press conference to blame problems on pixies is priceless.

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