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Sublime MMO

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I've embarked on the tenacious journey of developing a Java-based (or C++?) MMORPG. I have a few diamond-in-the-rough concepts that should prove conducive to an addictive, subscription based role playing game. It should be playable on most state-of the art mobile devices as well as in a web browser window.

Setting: post modern tech-type world.

Primary game mechanics:
Loot = accumulate fame, fortune, and data
Leveling = an approx factor of the amount of the three gained plus experiencing incidents/encounters within the gameworld

Graphics on par with or slightly superior to Runescape

The carrot--Tangible game rewards attainable with-in just a few minutes of play

The stick, keeps 'em playing---Character obsolescence is possible if not character is not logged-in on a routine basis. Gameworld is constantly evolving

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