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If I see...

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another X vs. Y thread (I'd supply a link but they're everywhere, if you can't find one you're blind) or a "OMG VISTA = TEH SUX0R BECUZ SLACHDUT TOLD ME SO EYE YAM L33T!!! PLEEZ G1BB0R ++RATINGS ONLEE!!" posting I'm going to go on a killing spree. Really now, why don't mods just start suspending/banning the morons who post that shit (I have a good idea why, but I need to spit venom)? It does nothing helpful. I need a Stab-In-Face button. Actually that gives me an idea....

Dear SuperPig,

Can you make a Stab-In-Face button for the updated site?

love Tape_Worm
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I dunno, Superpig won't give me a "killcount" icon that lists the number of users I've banned... I'm thinking the stab-in-face button would be a stretch. Still, good idea.

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The reason he won't give you a killcount button is because then you and Ravuya would be fighting for global domination. It would then go a step further and people would be forced to decide if they were a Ravie or a Petrie. Eventually this would only lead to an all out confrontation of banning and would end in the utter bannination of every person on the internet from gamedev.net. In ban wars there are no WINNARZ. Mind you, it could be that I just have a very active imagination.

My stab-in-face button will be a reality, I keep the dream alive.

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And here I was thinking the "killcount" was going to be how many users have been brought to a rating of 0 by your rating them.

Tape_Worm, your journal posts always crack me up.

jpetrie: Just for the record, I have Ravuya on MSN so if I stumble onto someone who needs to be ban-inated I usually just tell him through MSN.

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You should make your site narrower; fully fluid layout is difficult to navigate on widescreen. If you still want fluid, try width: 80% in your body tag. Looks good otherwise :D

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