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Work, what?

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Nothing new to show on Oort. I suppose I sat around and thought about backstory a lot, but no coding got done. I find myself coding more on the weekend than during the week, so I have good updates for Tuesday, but not for Fridays. I'll have to think about this schedule (or make an effort to get more work done at the latter half of the week).


Graphics for Linx0r coming along, and in a cute sort of style that I wouldn't have known I was capable of before doing it. It feels good to be part of a project that is going to be completed. I always bite off more than I can chew; The genius of the fellow making Linx0r is that he's set a modest goal and is achieving it.

I know, he's a madman!

Indie Game Recommendation

On the indie game front, Armageddon Empires is a very well thought out game, impressively so even, which is unfortunately hiding under a horrible UI. No, it's really got problems, perhaps half because it tries to re-create the experience of a tabletop game without abstracting what (in my opinion) should be abstracted, eg. dice rolling, of all things. But then maybe their market is the sort of war gamers who get all mystical about rolling their own dice looking to recreate the tabletop experience, in which case it is a legitimate but perhaps clunky design decision.

So if you're into war games and have great patience, I recommend it. But only if you have those two things. You just have to kinda read between the lines to understand what the hell is going on, because the game ain't telling you upfront. But once you figure it out, the complexity of the game is almost elegant, or so it seems from from what I've played in the demo.

Edit: The guy who made it has a blog here, and talks about the design and success of the game. I'm lightly horrified to hear how it was made (in that it's built on some weird Adobe something or other thing (???) ), but that goes to show it's not being an amazing programmer that hand-codes a brilliant OpenGL engine that wins you success -- it's finishing the project. And designing it well, I imagine.

Important News

The most important thing that has changed is, of course, my user picture which follows that grand internet tradition of portraying a person as looking far cooler than they actually are, at that sort of candid artistically awkward I'm-holding-my-own-camera-toward-myself angle (mirror self-portraits are so passe), with enough Photoshop magic to make it look like the cover of a pulp techno-thriller, or something. Yes; suffer my vanity.
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